Tempature Controlled Solutions

We have a vast network of refrigerated trailers, available to help you move your product while maintaining its temperature integrity. We offer Less Than Truck Load (LTL) and Truckload capacity and can adapt to your unique needs.

BlackOps Transport Services offers the best technology in shipment tracking. You’ll know when your product gets picked up, when it was delivered, and have confidence that it maintained its temperature requirements from beginning to end.

Types of Equipment:

• Refrigerated Tractor Trailer

• Refrigerated Straight Truck

• Refrigerated Cargo Van

Get more with BlackOps Transport Services Reefer division:

Services We Provide

• Lift Gate

• Straight Truck

• Route Management Tools

• Van T/T

• Years of experience with the food and beverage industry

• LTL and Truckload capacity

• Expedite Service

• Tracking, Status and Delivery Notifications

• 24-hour dispatch service

• United States Coverage